FAQ & Help

1. The role of wearing a mask during an outbreak

Reduce and prevent the risk of new coronavirus infection. Because one of the transmission routes of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission, the mask can not only prevent the droplets and speed of the droplets from being exposed to the virus carrier, but also block the virus-containing droplet core and prevent the wearer from inhaling. Note: Wearing a mask is an effective measure to protect against new coronaviruses. We must not be lucky. You must wear a mask when you need to go out.

2. Known transmission routes of new coronavirus

1.close, the drops will fall on the mucous membrane of the other party through coughing, talking, etc., which will cause infection, so it is necessary to maintain a certain social distance.
2. Exposure to contact means that if the hand is contaminated with virus, rubbing the eyes may cause infection, so wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. This is also very helpful to reduce the spread and reduce the risk of personal infection.